Flag Distribution and Installation

1 - All qualifying current/prior servicemember will be provided with on U.S. Flag, flag pole, and spotlight (if available)

2 - Arrangements may be made to have the flag pole properly set into the ground (mounting options may be available as well)

3 - If necessary, we will retire and replace unserviceable flags at a discounted price for current/prior servicemembers

4 - Keep in mind that current/prior servicemembers receive these services for free! Any replacement flags will be provided at a discount

5 - Contact us for more information at freeflagsforvets@gmail.com

Non-military members who would like to purchase a U.S. Flag, pole, and or spotlight can purchase through our organization. Any profit from sales will go directly to the organization.

“This flag which we honor and under which we serve is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a nation.”

–Woodrow Wilson